I-20 & VISA Applications

Need an I-20 for a student visa? We can help you.

ELI will assist you through each step of the visa process. We will provide information about how to schedule your F1 visa interview at the United States Embassy or Consulate closest to you. We have 20+ years of experience helping students through this process. We will make sure you fulfill all the necessary requirements.

Please read the four options below and select the one that most closely resembles your status. If you do not see an appropriate option, let us know and one of our friendly Enrollment Counselors will assess your situation.

*The minimum study period to receive an I-20 from ELI is 8 weeks. 

Initial I-20

I am a new student and do not live in the USA. I need an I-20 from English Language Institute so that I can apply for an F1 visa before traveling to the United States to study. I plan to study at ELI for 8 weeks or more.

Transfer I-20

I already have an F1 visa and and I-20. I have studied at another school in the United States. I want to transfer my I-20 from another school to English Language Institute to study full-time. I plan to study 8 weeks or more.

Change of Visa Status

I am in the USA and have a B1/B2 visitor visa, a J1 visa or another type of non-immigrant visa. I want to learn English and apply to change to an F1 student status. I do not want to leave the United States to change my status.

Non-F1 Visas

I want to study at ELI without an F1 visa for two weeks or more. I have a B1/B2, a J1, another kind of visa, or have an ESTA visa waiver. No problem! We have both full-time and part-time study options at English Language Institute.