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At English Language Institute, we love our students and we also love our amazingly talented teachers and staff. ELI is one of the only English language schools in California which offers ESL teachers the security of a full-time salary. We take good care of our people.

ELI is committed to building a positive, nurturing community for everyone who comes through our halls. If you’re interested in teaching or learning more, just send us an email and we’ll schedule time to chat. Hope to hear from you soon!

Director’s Statement

Teachers & Staff

John Weinert

John Weinert, ESL Teacher and Student Services Coordinator
B.A. English Literature, University of Arizona
Languages: English, Japanese
Teaches: Intermediate English

“I learn as much from my students as I teach them, and we get to do it all in an iconic, beautiful, world-class city. My colleagues are professionals of the highest caliber and are just amazing to work alongside.”

Glen Ryan Alejandro

Glen Ryan Alejandro, TOEFL Test Preparation and Business English Teacher
B.S. Nursing, Unciano Colleges; M.A. TESOL, University of San Francisco
Languages: English, Filipino
Teaches: TOEFL Test Preparation and University Preparation, Business English

“I enjoy teaching students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. I feel that my work and time at English Language Institute has been highly valued and respected.”

Cindy Kveen

Cindy Kveen, ESL Teacher
B.S. Social Work w. TESOL Certificate; Bemidji State University
Languages: English, Spanish, some Japanese
Teaches: Intermediate English

“I love meeting students from so many different countries and seeing them interact and learn about one another’s cultures.”

Nick Sousa

Vivi Sousa, ESL Teacher
B.A. English, University of San Francisco
English, Spanish, Portuguese
Teaches: Advanced English

“Our students are so engaged at school that it makes my job fun. They’re dedicated to learning English, and to learning about other cultures. I also enjoy working with a team of teachers that feel more like friends than co-workers.”

Matthew Munoz

Matthew Munoz, ESL Teacher
B.A. Spanish, UCLA; M.A. TESOL, San Francisco State University
Languages: English, Spanish
Teaches: Intermediate English

“I love interacting with a diverse student population as well as exposing them to cultural aspects of language that aren’t usually covered in textbooks.”

Thomas Haggerty

Thomas Haggerty, ESL and TOEFL Test Preparation Teacher
B.A. English, Drew University
Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese, French
Teaches: Advanced English; TOEFL Test Preparation

“I really enjoy ELI’s diverse class atmosphere with a mixture of unique cultures from every corner of the globe. It’s also wonderful to work at a school where teaching is so highly valued.”

Diane Pepi

Diane Pepi, ESL Teacher
B.A. Anthropology, University of Hawaii-Hilo
Languages: English, French, Italian
Teaches: Intermediate English

“I love meeting people from around the world and learning about their cultures. I really enjoy that I can teach creatively and use my students’ interests to inspire our lessons.”

Philip Marshal

Phil Marshall, ESL Teacher
B.A. Journalism, San Francisco State University
Languages: English, Spanish
Teaches: Advanced English

“I enjoy learning from my students and fellow teachers. I also value the ongoing professional development opportunities at ELI.”

Alena Nye

Alena Nye, School Director and CEO
B.A. in Letters, University of Oklahoma; M.A. Religion, Harvard University; PhD (ABD) Religion, University of Virginia
Languages: English, Spanish

“It’s my goal to create a safe positive learning environment where all feel welcome to learn and grow. ELI’s staff and students are some of the most talented and kindest people I know, so it’s a pleasure to come to work every day.”

Ryoko Cox

Ryoko Cox, Union Square Campus Office Manager and Registrar
B.A. Music Business & Marketing, Inter-Recording School of Tokyo
Languages: English, Japanese

“I absolutely love the international vibe of English Language Institute. With 14 years of office experience, I enjoy supporting students and finding ways to help them reach their goals. My heart’s desire is for all students to join us in the fantastic experience of a new life in San Francisco!”

Leandro Pena di Vitorrio

Leandro di Vittorio, Polk Campus Office Manager and Public Speaking Teacher
B.A. Political Science, Los Andes University
English, Spanish
Teaches: Public Speaking and Spanish

“I enjoy the work environment and spending time with my coworkers. Everyone here is very supportive of learning new skills and trying new things.”

Sean Ferguson, Compliance Director and Enrollment Counselor
B.S. Biological Psychology, University of Michigan; M.A. TESOL, Eastern Michigan University
Languages: English, Spanish

“It’s a privilege to assist outstanding students from all over the world in reaching their English language goals. It’s also a privilege to work with so many other dedicated ESL professionals. ELI is like a second home to me, and I’m confident our students feel the same way.”

David Dyer, Partnerships Director and Enrollment Counselor
B.A. International Relations, Grand Valley State University
Languages: English

“The ESL business is great because I constantly get to meet interesting people from different cultures. I love working at English Language Institute because the staff and teachers really care about our students’ success. We also have a lot of fun while we work here!”

Ryan MacCarrigan, Marketing and Web Development
B.A. English, Columbia University
Languages: English, French

“English Language Institute is one of the premier English language schools in San Francisco. It’s my pleasure to be able to promote ELI to a wide audience and attract the best possible students from around the world.”

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