Change of Visa Status

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Change of Visa Status

Change current VISA status to F1 student VISA

English Language Institute has helped dozens of hundreds of students change their visa status to F1 student. We offer a free 20 minute consultation to review the process. We have helped many students with B1, B2, F2 and J1 visas apply for F1 student status. Please email us to make an appointment. To change your visa status you must submit:

1. An online application at
2. A copy of your passport photograph page.
3. A copy of your current visa and entry stamp to the USA.
4. Three months of bank statements from you or your sponsor. Many students use their parents’ statements.
5. A copy of your most recent diploma or transcript. This can be an original, copy or photograph. It does NOT have to be in English.
6. $250 application fee. You can pay this online or in person.
7. A signed copy of our Change of Status agreement and Change of Status Disclaimer (available at our office).
8. Form I-539 application(s) to the US Government and supporting documents. We will help you with this process!


AT ELI we understand VISAs, forms and administrative work can be confusing. That's why we are here for you to help you go through the process so we can just focus on preparing your trip. Contact us and together we will make sure your status is legal and approved.

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